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Corporate Web Mail Service

















 Corporate Web Mail
Corporate email
  Corporate email service is very convenient for commercial organizations or websites. It help you provide email service for your members or free-email for special individuals. All emails is under your unique domain name.

Qualifications and abilities :
- ( Webbased+IMAP )
- optionally unlimited 20M per email accounts
- ability to change user's password anytime
- emails account accessibility via Outlook Express
- ability to terminate(temporary or permanent) selected usernames
- direct data transfer from Outlook Express to the webmail
- optional email blocking
- Thai menu with ability to support other 39 languages
- calendar and work schedule provided
- quaranteed by the top-quality server on Thailand's fastest network system
- supported by a world-class standardized email software with latest updated version

To prepare for the service :
Before starting to use Corporate Webmail service, please check your website status as followed
- it must be a top-level domain name (.com , .net , .org , , etc.) which belongs to you
- you can either move DNS by yourself or have your hosting service provider edit the Mail Server
(MX Record) for you

To set up the webmail :
When you have started using the Corporate Webmail service, the webpage is accessible for you. There are 2 choices
to build up the your webmail with DNS server support.

1. Move your DNS to Host2Thai, your website is still normally active
2. Inform your hosting service provider to set up subdomain and edit the pointer of Mail Exchange(MX Record) to point to Host2Thai

Set up Fee : 500 Baht
Service charge : 2,500 Baht for 100 usernames and 20 Baht for each additional email account
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