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 Dedicated server
Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is highly suitable for organisations or community, portal, and commercial websites. It uniquely provides convenience in your website and data administration with superb safety.

Serving as Co-location means you do not have to purchase your own server but, you are the only owner of it, you can use its full resource smoothly at much cheaper price. As many website as you'd like can be produced.

Moreover, the server will legally belong to you after your continually 3-year customership, as our value-return programme.

 • Intel Xeon 4 cores
 • Memory 4GB (Max 32Gb)
 • Storage 500GB SATA III 7,200 rpm
 • 1U Rack mount size
 • Power Supplies 250 watt
 • 1 IP address
 • 1 Lan port
 • 200 Gb Data Transfer
 • Power Supplies 250 watt
 • Free Linux or Windows Server installed

Setup fee : 0 baht (Free!!)
Service fee : 9,500 Baht/Month
** Conditions: annual contract and trimester payment

 • An additional IP address is 350 baht/month
 • An additional 100Gb transfer is 2000 baht/month

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